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Oct-13-2005, 03:52 PM
Just a word to those of you who may be interested in jackpates (Tom's or anyone elses) and these little bitty boats. Four Blade Props. Maybe Kev and Marc have made them a standard item you must order by now, but I was just thinking about this last night.
I am going to be doing some speed tests, ahem, make that hydrodynamic tests.... in my Gladesmen next weekend during the tourney Boodreau is throwing. So, anyway, when I was tooling around with the idea of taking off the 4-blade and tossing on the 3-blade, it seemed like a great idea.
Only thing is - blow out city man.
I can't keep the power to the boat with a three blade. So, it's back to the 4-blade and the better control anyway.
If any of you guys have gone jackplate and stayed with the stock 3 blade- toss it. Better yet, keep it as an emergency spare, but step up. You bought this boat to go ultra skinny. Part of ultra skinny is the thrill of launching within a boat's length (Hi Nate!). So, just do it.

Oh, and Nate, How come I haven't seen Tony's pic of the Monster REd up here? huh?

Capt Nate
Oct-13-2005, 07:43 PM

Oct-13-2005, 09:37 PM
Hey Thresher,
Jacked high enough that you get blow out w/ the three blade prop, I assume you are still getting plenty of water pressure? I just added a jack plate to my boat (not a gladesman but its on my wish list). Getting minimal cavitation and seems to be plenty of water pressure (25 merc, 2 stroke, stock aluminum 3 blade prop). I'd love to jack it a little higher and use a 4 blade but I wasn't sure how high I could go with the merc. I've heard that the water pick ups aren't as low as Yamaha. How much set back and lift do you have w/ your jackplate now? Thanks,

Oct-13-2005, 10:23 PM
A four blade prop does wonders for you if your wanting to RUN skinny! However, the comes at a price as you can lose up to 20% power loss on top end. But on the flip side the "HOP" on place you'll get with a TOM C jack plate can give you whiplash :D :shock:

Different areas call for different types of "tweaking" when it comes to flats fishing around the states. Just be glad to know the Gladesmen can adjust to those needs...

p.s. Good topic Thresh, how about some pics please. Capt. Nate is only one getting me fish pics... :cry:


Tom C
Oct-16-2005, 01:53 AM
The Gladesmen has a 18 inch transom, Thresher has one of mine electric jack plates, it's mounted 1.5 inches above that. The pictures below are of his boat and motor. The first picture is without a jackplate, the second is with his jack plate at its lowes position, and the third is with it at the highes position. The second row are the same pictures crop level with the keel.

http://www.tom.research.ucf.edu/pic/Gheenoe/Glad%20001_4.jpg http://www.tom.research.ucf.edu/pic/Gheenoe/Glad%20007_4.jpghttp://www.tom.research.ucf.edu/pic/Gheenoe/Glad%20008_4.jpg