View Full Version : And so it begins

Jan-20-2006, 01:41 PM
The creation of my gladesmen. Talked to Kevin last night and he said they will be shooting the Gel Coat today. So they will take the bucket of gel coat that we mixed last weekend, some foam. cloth and resin and make a boat. Then its off to the rigging shop where Marc and Kevin will turn it into a first class fishing machine.
I fell like a new dad waiting for my baby to be born. I will spend a lot of hours on this boat and as much as I would like them to get it ready now I know that this is not a high production line. Each boat is made and rigged with great care and with the customer in mine.

So i will wait until Kevin and Marc say my baby is ready because I know when the say come and get it it will be first class and ready to fish.