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    Re: Where are all my ECC peeps?

    I think a lot of the people moved on from here to the E.C. Owners Group on FB.
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    Bleeding Bay Star system

    Okay so I have to replace the seal in the helm and then bleed the lines. I'm not sure where the bleed valve is. Is it at the ends of the hoses? If so do I just remove the rubber covers on the end of...
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    Need trailer help ASAP

    Okay I decided to replace the hubs as the grease seal on one side was leaking. I got the hub off but quickly realized that they are Dexter hubs and spindles and evidently have a different nut set up...
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    Sticky: Re: Scooter Deck Product Video

    Great video! I'm trying to decide on the scooter vs a a raised helm station with a leaning pad/ seat on the poling platform for the next boat.
  5. Trailer hub replacement how much time should I plan on it taking?

    While I haven't had a single issue with my bearings or hubs I think it's about time I considered replacing the hubs so I'm not having to do it along side a major highway like I-75. Anyway I have read...
  6. What size nut on the trailer hub assembly on a ramline Fury trailer

    Does anyone know the nut size on the hub (the big single nut that holds the hubs on) assembly on the Ram Lin Trailer? I'm getting ready to go on vacation and while the bearings seem fine I want to be...
  7. How large of a generator to charge 3 batteries?

    I'm looking for a little help here, I currently fish several times a year in places where I don't have access to an electrical outlet or one that would be easy to plug the boat up to. I'm thinking of...
  8. Fury riding on starboard side of trailer

    A few weeks ago we returned to the ramp and I noticed one of the bunks on my trailer had become loose and moved. I aligned it back with the other bunk tightened it back up. I have since noticed (and...
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