How much?This is a common question we receive via Instagram, FaceBook, forums, and of course e-mails. Well the short answer is what do YOU want it to be? You see, it depends on what you want and how etc.All these things will control the price. What I can say with 100% confedence is we are priced right in the middle of the market. We are only a tad higher than the lower tier builders and a lot less than the higher priced guys. But what we offer and do is right in line with the those who claim to be the best,finest,worlds or universe best! LOLWe have the history of leading in design and custom touches all while NOT robbing the consumer. We don't do TV shows, and paid endorsements. Heck, we don't even have business cards or brochures. We believe in keep it simple, do whatever it takes, and always build the best boats. Period.So if your wanting info on pricing please know we start out with the best materials and accsesories and will continue to upgrade as these things roll out. We also stopped a "option" list as we continue to do more and find other things customers ask for. A simple solution in finding out what we cost or "how much" is you sending us a detailed email or phone call of your needs and how you plan to use your skiff! Then be prepared to have us work with you to fine tune your skiff for your style and needs all while keeping you in budget. There's a reason we are still here after 11years and hundreds of skiffs on the water.Tight lines and thank you guys!~ The Crew