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Thread: Long overdue, CM G2LR Push pole review

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    Default Long overdue, CM G2LR Push pole review

    Never done a review before so here it goes...
    My expierience is only with 2 other PP's, one didn't have a name, and im not sure what the make was or what it was made of, it sounded almost aluminum, but it weighed a ton, would bend a lot, it was white and it left your whole body tired and sore after using it. I have also used a Stiffy hybrid, which was a major step in the right direction, stiff and extremely lightweight, no complaints. I don't have a lot of expierience with any others so keep that in mind. Poling came pretty easy to me, but I do have Capt. Dan Snap to thank for showing me a few crucial tips and tricks. Theres not many reviews on the G2LR so based on reviews of the loop and mainly on the customer service testamonies about CM and Joe I went with them for the G2.
    I called Joe before I even got my lostmen to make sure I had a pp lined up when I picked up my new to me boat, Joe was professional and answered all my questions, he assured me that customer service extends beyond just the purchase. He even delivered to my house at no extra charge.
    My first immpressions of the pole were outstanding, the thing looks beautiful as far as the finish, I was skeptical of the fact that it is a 4 piece pole and its stiffness, but that was short lived soon after, I jumped onto the back of my truck to simulate poling platform height and put all of my weight into it in multiple placements and the pole didn't bend or give at all, super stiff compared to the other 2 ive tried. So flex, what flex?. I chose 21' with the nylon tip and the curved/forked handle with the semi-circle bridge in between. Needless to say I couldnt wait to try it out on the water. Also, I combined my order with a buddy of mine that has a nice BT skiff, he also ordered the G2LR and loves it.
    So far on the water the G2 performs solid and is feather lite, my favorite feature is the Shark-skin like feel to it, it provides grip wether your poling from the tip down or handle down but is somewhat grippier in one direction. Its hard to explain but hopefully you know what I mean. The handle is quiet on entry and exit and the pole has a good buoyancy to it, iv noticed some handles and poles tend to float up on entry and exit but the G2 seems to have a neutral buoyancy which is nice. Again the eye pleasing finish is amazing. The G2 is a sweet matchup to the lostmen, the price is competive, like I said, I was nervous about it being a 4 piece but you dont notice it, and it has never crossed my mind again. Joe at CM is a good guy, ive come across stories of him helping people out that may not even own a CM pp and even so far as meeting customers at the boat ramp to repair a PP. I have no doubt if a warranty or problem came up id have no problems, all Joe asked was for honesty as far as what happened, hes more than willing to work with someone and getting them back on the water asap.
    My buddy with a BT has also fallen in love with his G2, he goes out with a mutual friend of ours that used to guide proffesionaly, Capt. Imwalle, he even loves the pole and he has used the highend stiffys.

    So, all iv got left to say is that its an awesome pole, I love it paired up with my lostmen. I have snappy's lostmen and fish the ML and Indian River almost 3 days a week so if you see me outthere in a fighting lady yellow lostmen hit me up, if you want a closer look at the G2, my name is Ryan. Take care.

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    Default Re: Long overdue, CM G2LR Push pole review

    PS. Fits in my Tibor holder just fine, I think that was an issue with the old loops....

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    Default Re: Long overdue, CM G2LR Push pole review

    Great review man!

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    Default Re: Long overdue, CM G2LR Push pole review

    I have poled a boat for about 30 minutes total. In that time however, I did notice the positive buoyancy of the pole. Man that was annoying.

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